Agile Project Management – Full Course

A Comprehensive Course on Agile & Scrum. It will be your key to understanding Agile methodologies in simple terms.

Learn why Agile matters, common challenges, and explore popular frameworks like Scrum and Kanban. Discover roles such as Scrum Master and Product Owner, and essential meetings like Sprint Planning and Review. Gain practical skills to thrive in Agile environments. Start your journey today to master Agile Project Management.

Learn JIRA for Project Management

A Crash Course on Jira for Beginners. A concise tutorial to jumpstart your Jira journey in just 30 minutes.

Learn the basics of Jira, including Scrum fundamentals, team structures, and key concepts like Epics, User Stories, Tasks, and Bugs. Follow along as we guide you through project creation, managing Epics and Stories, setting up Sprints, configuring boards, and creating filters and dashboards. Plus, master the art of estimating tasks and editing workflows to streamline your team’s workflow. Join us for this rapid-fire tutorial and unlock the power of Jira for effective project management.

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