Free Course on Confluence

Confluence is one of the Content Management Tools to Create, Share Manage, Integrate, Collaborate Knowledge within and outside teams. Confluence is web-based wiki developed for corporates.

Consider watching the below comprehensive course that covers almost all aspects of confluence and helps you create beautiful pages with confluence.

Full Course on Confluence.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction 
  2. Set Up Confluence on Cloud 
  3. Confluence Dashboard Walkthrough 
  4. Creating Spaces on Confluence
  5. Creating Pages on Confluence 
  6. Page History 
  7. Marking Pages Favourite 
  8. Labels in Confluence 
  9. Sharing Pages in Confluence 
  10. Exporting Pages in Confluence 
  11. Introduction and Usage of Macros 
  12. Attachments to Pages 
  13. Adding Content by Label
  14. Adding Comments to Confluence Pages 
  15. Templates in Confluence 
  16. Customising Look and Feel on Confluence
  17. Moving Pages in Confluence  
  18. Searching in Confluence 
  19. Creating Blog Posts in Confluence
  20. Importing Documents in Confluence 
  21. Deleting Pages in Confluence
  22. Confluence Integration with Jira 
  23. Audit Logs in Confluence
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