Free Course on is a work operating system that helps the teams to manage their workflows and run project with ease. One can use for small teams or huge set ups as it is highly scalable. is very customisable you can create workflows as per your processes, project and organization needs. is highly versatile as used in different verticals.

Consider watching the below comprehensive course that covers almost all aspects of

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Table of Contents

  1. What is
  2. Getting Started with
  3. Create Boards Manually in
  4. Types of Boards in
  5. Create Boards by Importing Data in
  6. Set Up Teams and Add Members in
  7. Set Up Columns in
  8. Archive Your Data in
  9. Workspaces in
  10. Communication within Team in
  11. Board Settings in
  12. Export the Board to Excel in
  13. Save the Board as Template in
  14. Setting Up Views in
  15. Searching and Filters in
  16. Automation in
  17. Activity Logs in
  18. Integration with Other Applications in
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