Free JIRA Crash Course for beginners (Updated 2022)

Full Course on JIRA for beginners.

Table of Contents

  • What is jira ?
  • What is scrum and concepts of scrum?
  • What are epics, stories, tasks and bugs?
  • What is a product backlog?
  • What is sprint backlog?
  • Scrum team?
  • How to create a project?
  • How to create an epic, user story , task, bug?
  • How to do estimations – adding story points?
  • How to create a sprint?
  • How to create a scrum board?
  • How to configure scrum board?
  • How to view and edit workflows?
  • How to create filters?
  • How to start and close a sprint?
  • How to create dashboards?
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