How to Create a Project in Jira

This article will demonstrate how to create a project in Jira. A project is a set of tasks achieving a particular aim to be completed within a clear start and end date.

Jira provides a variety of projects templates, making the creation of projects in different domains relatively easy. Also, Jira provides templates for project creation in different agile methodologies and hence supports the day-to-day activities of agile-based projects.

Video tutorial on how to create a project in JIRA

Steps to Create a Project in Jira


From the top menu click on Projects menu option, followed by clicking on Create project option.


Click the required project template from the left and select suitable option on the right.


Click on Use template button


Click on Select a company-managed project button


Add the name of your project and click on the Create project button

The project will be created.

I hope this article helped you to create a project in Jira. Good Luck!!

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