How to Create Release Notes Automatically in Jira

Being in the IT industry we all know the importance of Release Notes. Release Notes represent all the hard work done for a release. They update all the stakeholders on what to expect next that is it guides us through the Improvements, Updates and What is Fixed. The stakeholders can grasp the content of the release notes very easily if the release notes are crisp, accurate and readable. If your release notes are a mess or not presentable then no one will be willing to read them which can have situations created like communication gaps or misconceptions about the release.

If you are using Jira for your project management, then you can be relaxed as there is a Jira App that can do the job for you anytime and every-time as per your processes. Release Notes can be created automatically by a Jira App called Automated Release Notes and is created by Amoeboids Technologies an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner.

Automated Release Notes App solves two problems with respect to release notes:

  • Structuring of the Release Notes – that is what should be the content and the format of the release notes.
  • Distribution and Scheduling of the Release Notes – that is when to send the release notes and who all should be the eligible receivers of the release notes.

Below is the link to a video that will walk you through all the features of this app. This video talks about how you can customise the contents as well as distribution of the release notes as per your project requirements.

I hope you liked the article and the video. Please share your comments. Thank you.

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