Jira Xray Plugin | What is Jira Xray

Jira no doubt is one of the most efficient tool used world-wide because of the functionalities it provides. It helps the teams in managing their projects effectively and improving their performance gradually. To Learn Jira Visit:

Test-Management is equally important as other activities of the project. A product with bugs is of no use, therefore it is important for projects to manage their testing and get to know the status of their testing activity. Jira Xray plugin is one such tool to help with the testing aspects of the project. Xray is a plugin which when integrated with Jira takes care of test management, test monitoring and test reporting. Xray provides full support to testing frameworks like Cucumber and Specflow.

Top Features Provided by Xray:

  • Create Manual as well as Automated Test Cases.
  • Plan and Execute Test Cases
  • Manage the Test LifeCycle
  • Track Real Time Progress on Testing
  • Create Next Level Reports in docx, pdf, xlsx
  • Get the Coverage Analysis of Requirements
  • Integrate its Rest APIs for Extended Functionality.
  • Import Automated Test Cases from frameworks like JUNIT, NUNIT, TestNG

Consider Watching the Xray Series Introduction:

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