Scrum Board Vs Kanban Board

This article will highlight the differences between scrum and kanban boards based on the ideologies of both frameworks.

Before proceeding to scrum and kanban boards, let us view the core concept of these methodologies.

Scrum and kanban are agile methodologies and iterative working systems. Both aim to reduce waste. Scrum focuses on project management, while kanban focuses on improving the workflow and faster deliveries.

Scrum and kanban both use boards to visualize and track the tasks. Let us look into a few differences between them:-

video tutorial on scrum board vs kanban board


Since scrum focuses on timeboxing, sprints are associated with scrum, and hence scrum boards highlight the time remaining and sprint dates which means that the team should meet the commitment within this time interval. On the other hand, kanban boards do not show any time interval as timeboxing plays no role in kanban.


Since scrum is used in development-based projects, scrum boards are used primarily on development-based projects, while kanban boards are mainly used on maintenance-based projects.

Area of Attention

Scrum boards are designed to keep project management the center of attention and are beneficial to implement scrum concepts. Kanban boards focus on the rapid completion of projects, and the center of attention is improving workflows.

Board Rules

Scrum boards get cleared after each sprint, and a new board is prepared for the next sprint, while kanban boards are not cleared until project completion.


There is a definite scope for the scrum board, also known as sprint backlog, but the scope is not defined for kanban boards one can pull new items as far as the work in progress limit allows additional items to the ToDo column.

Work in progress limit

There is a maximum and minimum limit defined for each column in the kanban board. That is, these columns cannot accommodate more than the maximum allowed limit of issues. In contrast, there is no limit to the number of issues for a column in the scrum board.


Scrum Boards display the estimation of stories on the board, but kanban boards do well without estimates.

differences scrum and kanban boards

View of Kanban and Scrum Boards in Jira

Scrum Board

scrum board

Kanban Board

kanban board


Scrum and kanban both are agile frameworks following a pull-based approach that aims for efficiency and process improvement. While both have similarities, there are differences too, which gets reflected on their boards. Projects can choose which framework suits them the most based on the nature and complexity of the work.

We hope this article helped you in understanding the differences between scrum and kanban boards. Good Luck!!!

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