Top 24 Scrum Master Interview Questions [Updated 2022]

Scrum is a framework based on a set of values, principles, and practices. A scrum is an agile approach for developing innovative products and services. This article will guide you to prepare for a scrum master interview with 24 vital interview questions and detailed discussions around them.

Q1. How would you describe scrum master roles and responsibilities?

Answer:- Scrum Master guides everyone to embrace scrum rules and help the team achieve their goals by removing the impediments…READ MORE: Scrum Master Roles and Responsibilities in Agile.

Q2. Share your understanding of scrum teams and the role of each integrant.

Answer:- Scrum teams are essential assets of scrum organization. Scrum Team is a group of cross-functional people focused on completing a defined work in a specified time…READ MORE: What is a SCRUM team

Q3. What do you understand by the scrum of scrums?

Answer:-Scrum of scrums is a group formed by one member, each from different scrum teams, to achieve a common goal at the organization level…READ MORE: Scrum of Scrums

Q4. Can you share some knowledge on what sprint planning is ?

Answer:- Upcoming work in the sprint is discussed and finalized in sprint planning meetings. However, each team has its way of planning its sprints. Here are some good practices…READ MORE: Sprint Planning in Agile

Q5. Please throw some light on Agile testing practices.

Answer:- Testing in agile is a continuous and integrated process that is upgraded with each iteration… READ MORE: Testing in Agile Methodology

Q6. Share your understanding on user stories.

Answer:- User story is an appropriate format for discussing the desired business requirements. User stories should be simple and understandable to business and technical people…READ MORE: User Stories in Agile

Q7. Do you have an idea of how can user story mapping can be helpful ?

Answer:- User story mapping is a two-dimensional visualization of the work to be done in a project…READ MORE:

Q8. What is an INVEST Principle ?

Answer:- INVEST principle demonstrates six rules that help evaluate if a user story fits its intended usage or still needs some additional work to be done…READ MORE: User Stories in Agile

Q9. What are Burndown charts?

Answer:- Sprint Burndown charts are used to track the sprint’s progress and help predict when the work can be expected to complete…READ MORE: JIRA: WHAT IS BURNDOWN CHART-HOW TO CREATE IN JIRA

Q10. Give us a few examples of burndown charts that help on predicting progress.

Answer:- Describe a few patterns in burndown charts and what can be interpreted from those patterns’. Read a few examples from: How to read Burndown Charts in JIRA

Q11. What do you understand by the velocity of a scrum team?

Answer:- Velocity is the amount of work completed each sprint. Velocity is calculated by adding the size of all the sprint backlog items that were part of the sprint. Velocity is calculated at the end of every sprint… READ MORE: What is Velocity in Agile

Q12. What is an agile velocity chart?

Answer:- Agile velocity chart is a way to measure a sprint team’s progress over a while… READ MORE: What is Velocity in Agile

Q13. How important do you think sprint retrospection is? Do you have any suggestions to make retrospection meetings interesting?

Answer:- Retrospection is an essential part of the scrum framework, which provides the scrum team an opportunity to INSPECT and ADAPT…READ MORE WHAT IS SPRINT RETROSPECTIVE

Q14. What is the definition of Done (DoD) and Definition of Ready (DoR)?

Answer:- Definition of Done is a list of items to verify completeness of a product backlog item’s completeness. Definition of Ready is a criterion to ensure that a particular item is appropriate to be started…READ MORE: Definition of Done and Definition of Ready

Q15. How often team conflicts happen in your team? Is there a way to prevent destructive conflicts in a team?

Answer:- Conflicts or discords are disagreements between team members when they are not able to reach a decision that is mutually agreed by all… Read a few ways to prevent conflicts: Team Conflicts: Resolution and Prevention

Q16. Can you share an example of what you would prefer to be a part of your sprint closure report?

Answer:- Sprint closure report should be simple, crisp, and should cover all aspects of your project’s recently closed scrum…READ MORE:

Q17. Share the importance of sprints in agile?

Answer:- Agile promotes working in iterations, and sprints are nothing but agile’s way of organizing the work into iterations or cycles… READ MORE: What is a sprint in agile

Q18. Why do you think many agile teams use story points?

Answer:- Story points are efforts from the development team’s perspective to complete a particular piece of work.… READ MORE: Story Points in Agile

Q19. Who is a Product Owner in Agile World?

Answer:- The Product Owner is entitled to be one of the most critical people in product leadership in the agile world.… READ MORE: WHO IS A PRODUCT OWNER IN AGILE

Q20. How important is a product owner for a scrum team? Share some light on product owner responsibilities

Answer:- The Product Owner is a full-time job with a lot of duties to be fulfilled.The Product Owner role is a good blend of authority and responsibility.… READ MORE: Agile Product Owner Responsibilities

Q21. What is a product backlog?

Answer:- Product Backlog is a prioritzed list of product functionality that should be accessible to all the team members.… READ MORE: PRODUCT BACKLOG IN SCRUM

Q22. What are Epics?

Answer:- An epic in the agile world is nothing but a big chunk of work that cannot be completed in a sprint and therefore gets divided into smaller.… READ MORE: Epics in Agile

Q23. Share the Differences between Product Owner and Product Manager?

Answer:- Well, the truth is that both these roles often overlay with each other, and there are no well-defined boundaries. That is the core reason for all the debate on the topic..… READ MORE: Product Owner Versus Product Manager

Q24. Differentiate between Scrum Board and Kanban Board?

Answer:- Scrum and kanban are agile methodologies and iterative working systems. Both aim to reduce waste. Scrum focuses on project management, while kanban focuses on improving the workflow and faster deliveries…READ MORE: Scrum Board Vs Kanban Board

These are a few examples of interview questions generally asked in interviews. However, a good scrum master should learn to be keen and consistent in increasing his/her knowledge about processes, frameworks, technology, and practices. Good Luck!!!

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